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Our goal is to provide and promote the best possible home-based, assisted care to enhance the quality of living for your loved one at affordable prices.


Who We Are 

Established in 2019, the company is fueled by a deep sense of professional pride and sets the standard in multiple ways. Nurses R Us only partners and associates with proven quality brands, shares its theoretically robust skill set and hard-earned practical experience with its clients and provides strong Homebased Services. 

All of which is underpinned by a company culture of respect, integrity, a commitment to quality and the desire to do a job well. 

We are an independent homebased care company who strive to provide you with the best possible care specifically designed for your individual needs in the comfort and safety of your own home. We are passionate about people and believe that all people should feel loved and cared for in the place they know best, their own homes.

What We Offer

Nurses R Us specialises in providing Homebased Assisted Care Services as an alternative to care in specialised care facilities and the provision of In-Home services whether it be assisted living, frail care, palliative care or post-op hospitalization. Our service includes the placement of qualified caregivers at home, frail care facilities and old age homes.

We render our services to all age groups, ethnicity and religious believes. Our aim is to provide patient centered care with an emphasis on the clinical needs and requirements as well as the personal needs of the patient and family involved.

Our unyielding commitment to professional integrity and high-quality care makes Nurses R Us the number one choice in Homebased Care.

Our Focus & Vision

Nurses R Us focuses on the principle of Homebased Care which ensures that the primary care of Nurses R Us patients is in conjunction with the Multi-Disciplinary Team of that specific patient.

Together we assess the medical history of the patient and provide relevant input to determine a Nursing Care Plan to follow.

Our focus within this dimension is to maintain independence for residents as long as possible within the comfort of their own home.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in ensuring that your loved ones are safe and well looked after in the place they know best and are comfortable in. Striving to create the best quality of life and peace of mind as our loved ones head towards a time where they can focus on themselves.

We see people as people, not a number, each person is treated as the individual that they are, therefore our care programs and packages are tailored to each person’s needs and situation. Compliance with all health and safety requirements are of utmost importance.

Our Core Values

Assure with empathy and dignity the continuum of quality of life at home.

Enabling a Home Care solution tailored to your personal, clinical and financial circumstances. 

Treating clients, employees and providers with respect.

A partner for life – delivering dynamic, comprehensive Homebased Care Services.

Nurses R Us

The Amazing team that works behind the scenes

Mandie Roets

CEO & Founder

Margie Schickerling-Nortjie

Art Accounting Solutions

Ryan Roets

IT consultant

Our Services

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Wellness Home Care visits

We offer Wellness Home Care visits to: 

  • Residential Homes
  • Old Age Homes
  • Frail Care Facilities

Our Home Care visits includes a wide range of health services delivered to you in the comfort of your home, Old Age Homes and Frail Care Facilities by one of our well trained staff. 

Nurses R Us offer the services of a great Team of Caregivers who are skilled professionals that plays a pivotal role in the hands-on engagement with each patient, building a sense of trust, stability and safety. 

Our goal is to offer assistance to all individuals, to improve function and live with greater independence, as well as to promote the patient’s optimal level of health and well-being.

What our caregivers do

Below follows a brief description of what our caregivers do: 

  • Maintaining hygiene & grooming of a resident/patient
  • Maintaining a clean room environment – deliver basic domestic chores
  • Infection prevention
  • Safety: prevention of injuries & other complications
  • Nutrition and fluid intake/output monitoring
  • Social activities e.g. playing of board games
  • For a more detailed description click here


How should I choose an agency for home-based care?
    How should I choose an agency for home-based care?
      What role does the family member play in Home-Based Care?

      Since we strive to take away all the stress from family and friends with regards to caring for a loved one, we at Nurses R Us encourage family and friends to be involved as much as possible. It is important for the client/patient to still feel loved and cared for.

        Who comes into my house to provide the care?
        • A qualified nurse will visit your premises on a weekly basis, depending on your needs.
        • Care Workers who will assist in your daily needs.
        • Other professionals who don’t come to your home on a regularly basis, but can be instrumental in helping to manage your care for example: physiotherapist, speech therapist.
        • Rest assured, nobody will enter your home without prior consent received from you.
          About our Caregivers
          • All our Caregivers are screened and interviewed thoroughly.
          • All our Caregivers to attend mandatory orientation.
          • All our Caregivers are qualified in the Ancillary Health Care Course.
          • All our Caregivers have a police clearance certificate.
            How much does it cost?

            Every family we serve receives a Custom Care Plan specific to their needs.
            Several factors determine the cost:

            • The number of hours of care per week.
            • The level of care needed.
            • How many care workers are needed.
            What is home-based care?

            Home Based Care is a term used to describe several forms of care provided at a client’s home, in order to promote, restore and maintain a person’s maximum level of comfort, function and health.

            This can either be personal care (assisting with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, toilet routine, nappy change etc), daily activities to keep the mind sharp and companionship.

            Is home-based care right for me/a family member?

            Home based care allows the elderly and people with a variety of diagnoses and situations to receive the care as needed in the safety of your own home.

            Home based care is often the right choice for people who are:

            • Caring for aging family members.
            • Living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.
            • Managing long-term medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, paraplegic etc.
            • Recovering after an injury, illness or hospital stay.
            • Managing a setback of a chronic medical condition.
            How long does home-based care last?

            There is no set length of time, it can vary based on the person’s own unique needs.

              Will we always get the same caregiver?
              • We strive to establish a good relationship between the Caregiver and the patient. However, if you are not satisfied with your Caregiver, we will find a match that will suit you and make you happy.
              • We also have a back up system that guarantees coverage in the event of an emergency or illness of your Caregiver.
                Why choose home-based care?

                Home based care enables a person to live as independently as possible without giving up the comforts of their own home.

                It enables them to stay in a familiar environment whilst knowing that they have access to skilled, consistent, reliable care.

                How do I pay for home-based care?
                • Services can be paid for directly by the person receiving care, family members, trusts etc.
                • Some medical aids do cover home-based care; however, you need to check what your benefits are with your medical aid and the plan that you are on as certain medical aids only cover certain conditions.

                  Customers Reviews 

                  “Friendly professional care if you can’t look after yourself” (2019)

                  – Marolet van Zyl –

                  “Thank you Mandie and team.
                  Since you came into mom’s and my life, I can breath again. You take such amazing care of mom, and the advice you have to give is priceless.
                  I can, and do recommend you with 10 stars.
                  May God bless all of you!!!” (2019)

                  – Carmen van Heerden – 

                  Mandie, thank you so much for your excellent service! My mother in-law battled the terrible Covid virus and struggle to breathe. I made contact with you and with in the hour you were at my house with oxygen to assist. You were thoughtful and kind to her while putting her on oxygen making her feel at ease. Thank you for your daily messages asking for updates and your messages to stay positive. My mother in-law recovered 100%. The world needs more people like you!!!!!! Forever grateful!!! (2021)

                  – Kiova Engelbrecht –

                  Thank you so much for all the help, in an very uncertain time you help us to get through it! Always willing to assist. (2021)

                   – Mellissa Kruger Le Grange –

                  Excellent service from well trained carers. Thank you Mandie for always being available with advice & for the interest you show both patients and their families. (2023)

                  – Cherry Tite –

                  Thank you so much, Mandie and team, for jumping in to assist my parents at a moment’s notice to help them through a very challenging time. You have given us so much peace of mind the past two years. The dedicated and selfless carers became part of the family. We will definitely call on you again in the future. (2023)

                  – Tarina Els –

                  “Most giving profession. Salt of this earth people” (2019)

                  – Jackie Damand –

                  “Absolutely the best!!!
                  My dad and mom’s carer – Ethel, is just the best ever.
                  Mandie you do have a wonderful team.
                  You are an angel and the best” (2022)

                  – Isjma van den Berg –

                  I find Mandie to be an awesome and wonderful person, who gives so much when caring for the elderly. Wonderful service offered. (2020)

                  – Semon Elliot – 

                  Very loving and really good with elderly. Helps out with all tasks around house and really makes your life easier. (2020)

                  – Gisela Pretorius –

                  In 2022 Mandie and her team assisted with my late wife when her condition was deteriorating due to cancer and they assisted until the day of her passing, professionally and diligently.

                  In 2023 I contacted Mandie again to assist with my father and again she was immediately available and assisted until the final day when I arranged for an ambulance to take him to the hospital where he had passed later that day.

                  I will recommend within a heartbeat Nurses R Us, they are really angels in what they do.

                  Thank you Mandie. (2023)

                  – Christoff Kruger –

                  074 265 3143


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